Frequently Asked

Check-in and checkout times?

Check-in is at 3pm
Checkout is at 11am, but we would prefer you to stay with us forever.
If we have availability, we certainly can check you in at an earlier time upon request.

Parking policies regarding payment?

Free for guest …yes even you.

What is the price for continental hot breakfast?

Children under 12 is free, and it is $3 per adult. Forks and spoons are included

Late checkouts/ early check ins?

Late checkouts 11:30-1:00pm
After 1pm-3pm there will be a charge of $50
After 3pm 1 additional night is charged. We at the Coliseum Inn understand the importance of beauty sleep and some need it more than others.

Are upgrades available?

Upgrades are available at any time. Upon arrival we will upgrade you depending on your needs, even if you are from Calgary.

Number of guest allowed in rooms?

Maximum 4 people. Or 6ppl if all guests are under 3.5’ tall.

Policies on pets and smoking?

There is a $200 charge for smoking in the room
$100 for having pets in the room.
$300 charge for having a pet that smokes. Unless approved by management.

Is there room service?

Yes, until 11pm. Hours may vary depending on holidays and blue moons.

How close are we to public transportation?

We are 2 blocks from the train or approximately 400 paces

How close are we from Rexall Center?

If you have a good arm you could throw a stone and hit it… now that’s pretty close.