Fort Edmonton Park, which is located only 20 minutes from the Coliseum Inn Hotel,  has been a go-to point of interest for years with anyone visiting the area. It combines history, sights, entertainment and a connection with Canada all in one place. The architecture alone is a throwback to the 1800s and 1900s, the period of Canada’s infrastructure boom as a country on its own.

If you are visiting Edmonton and staying at a local hotel, then you want to get out and about in the city when possible. Visiting the Park and paying attention to detail will pay off. For example, the Capitol Theatre is actually an entirely new restoration. While the outside face of the venue looks like a throwback to the late 1920s, the inside was updated in 2011. With seating for over 240 people, it’s often used for current events and stage plays.

The Park train often gets people’s attention because it is a convenient way to see a lot of the park in one ride. While the train itself is over a century old, it is actual appearance at the park did not start until 1977. It is also a beast to keep moving. Statistically, the vehicle requires 2,000 gallons of water ala steam, 200 gallons of fuel in the form of recycled oil to run. Much of this is due to the heavy weight of the train engine.

If you are the type who is easily spooked, the Firkins House might be something to visit or avoid. Visitors to the Park area have described seeing a woman or young buy appear randomly or in photos, but no one has ever seen them alive. And the Park itself at night is a cornucopia of sounds and shadows that will get most folks on edge.

Interestingly, the Edmonton Fort itself is not in the park named after it. The Fort has actually moved around quite a bit historically. The fourth location left signs via a cemetery by the Walterdale Bridge. The last and fifth location now sits by the Alberta Legislature building.