Since its beginnings in 1983, the Coliseum Inn has been home to many legends, heroes, and stars of the world of sports and the arts alike. We have played host to such historical figures as The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, and The Eagles. But we would like to say that the most important people who have stayed at our hotel, is everyone.

The world of hotels is something that is hard to describe to someone unless they have worked in the industry. That is why sometimes you may see things you do not expect in other service industries. Our mantra has always been about “Making Your Stay” at the Coliseum Inn and our staff pride themselves on their over and above efforts to treat everyone like a rock star. Whether it be upgrading our guests to suites just because, giving free concert tickets, or just a simple smile to welcome them at check-in, we make sure that their stay is pleasant and memorable from start to finish.

One thing we do not lose sight of is the hotel as part of the travel experience. Many people come into our city for its abundant festivals, sports teams, gigantic shopping mall, and sometimes the weather (seriously, there are people who just love the Edmonton winter). We try to make the hotel stay just as memorable. After all, our guests do have to sleep at some point right? Making sure we provide the best basic amenities such as comfortable pillows, clean bedding, and quality toiletries goes a long way in providing a “home away from home” experience.

Coming to Edmonton some time? We hope you enjoy everything our hotel has to offer and to make your stay memorable.