Essential Tips For Travelling With Kids This March Break

Every year, children look forward to the adventures and relaxation of March break. Parents also choose this week as a great time to take time off from work and indulge in a family getaway. As stress relieving a vacation can be, travelling to your destination may not always be as relaxing.

If you are travelling this March break or any time with family, here are tips to keep in mind to make your trip relaxing from the beginning.

Take the First Flight Out

Choosing a flight early in the morning not only allows you to enjoy a full day at your destination, but it also reduces the chances of having your trip being delayed. Morning flights are also less crowded, and given the time of day, children will be a little more tired and a little less hyper.

Dress for Destination Temperature

If you’re leaving from a cold destination and are landing in balmier weather, ensure that the kids are dressed for the temperature change. One way to do this is to dress your children in comfortable layers which include opting to choose to clothe without zippers or buttons. The options of a slip-on would also be a better choice instead of laces as it saves time getting through airport security.

Keep Kids Safe on the Flight

Having children sitting near the window is a better choice than seating them on the aisle seats. This helps prevent children from getting hit from passengers walking by, spills from the food cart, or baggage falling from the overhead compartments during off-boarding.

Pack the Essentials

Packing essential items in your carry on bag will help you stay prepared for almost anything on the flight. Although most flights offer drinks and beverages, not all provide the option for food or snacks. Your essential travel kit should include low-sugar snacks. In addition, it’s also recommended to keep the following items in your carry on as well; wipes, pull-ups, headphones, plastic bag for trash, water and an entertainment device.

Organization and timing will significantly help you in getting you off to a good start. Ensure that you keep these tips for your return flight, as well. Whether you’re flying into and staying in Edmonton or are flying out of Edmonton, we hope you have a safe and happy trip.

IATA Uses RFID Strategy To Reduce Lost Luggage By 2020

If you have ever lost luggage while travelling, you can appreciate how frustrating the process can be in recovering your bags, especially when you reach your hotel with no personal items. The good news is that the percentage of lost luggage decreases every year. From the baggage that is lost, worldwide airlines eventually recover 97% of missing bags. Of the luggage that was mishandled, 3% are never recovered, 16% were reportedly damaged, and 81% were just delayed in reaching their owner.

Despite the improving numbers for the reduction of lost luggage, the IATA had declared on June 1st, 2018 that they will introducing a new policy to reduce the amount of lost luggage further.

The IATA’s Resolution 753 includes mandating four data points throughout the bag’s journey when bags are checked in. This makes identifying and tracking bags, and any mishandling, to be more clearly recognized to reduce mistakes. This mandated process also creates a faster process in returning passengers’ luggage if the bag did miss the intended flight.

They will achieve this through the use of radio frequency identification, which is already implemented in the industry, with renewed purposes for tracking. One of the previous barriers to introducing RFID for mismanaging of bags was the cost of the tags needed to be placed on the luggage.

Andrew Price, head of Global Baggage Operations for the International Airport Transport Association, spoke about the shift in cost to implement upcoming solutions. He stated that “It is also true that the cost of tags is nowhere near the $1.50 that was previously the case. And there is much greater collaboration within the industry now, which is necessary for projects of this size and scope.”

The solution is now much more cost efficient, averaging approximately $0.05 per tag, which will help close the gap of the 3% of luggage that is permanently or temporarily lost.

By 2020, all international airlines will implement the use of the RFID solution. Passengers can expect to experience more self-service scenarios, while airlines increase transparency and real-time tracking to enhance the experience of a traveller’s journey.

How To Decreasing Your Chances Of Getting On A Delayed or Cancelled Flight

Postponed or delayed flights can be extremely disappointing and also dampen your travel mood. Approximately one in thirty-five flights every year in the U.S. making that a total of 100,000 flights in 2018 to be cancelled. Getting rebooked to another flight doesn’t always guarantee that your flight will not get cancelled. For many, as disappointing as a cancelled flight is, safety will always come first.

When booking your flight in or out of Edmonton, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind to decreases your chances of being on a flight that gets cancelled.

Depart in the Morning

Morning flights have a decreased chance of getting cancelled or delayed compared to flights later on in the day. Almost ⅓ of all delayed flights are due to a maintenance issue, while the remaining ⅔ is due to the weather. As delays being to accumulate throughout the day, a domino effect takes into place increase the chances of your flight gets cancelled or delayed later on in the day. If your flight does get cancelled or postponed in the morning, you still have an opportunity to catch a later flight that day instead of the next day.

Verify on Route Stats

Before you book your flight, you may want to check the performance of the route you are taking. There are many websites dedicated to helping you track these stats, such as FlightStats, which let you see which flights tend to get delayed or cancelled. Certain flights have a better track record than others, so it would be worth it to check out such stats before booking your flight.

Despite your efforts, if your flight is still delayed or cancelled, you can utilize the power of your smartphone to help you get ahead. You can call the airline while you are still waiting in line to get ahead of the crowd who is waiting for assistance to get on the next available flight. You can also use apps such as TripIt to help you rebook, should your airline be available on the app. These apps will help you find alternative flights which you can book right from your phone.

For all our guests and travellers in Edmonton, if your flight is cancelled and you’re looking to stay an extra night due to weather or other issues, Coliseum Inn is located on 30 minutes away from the Edmonton International Airport.

Where To Find Memorable Adventures When Visiting Edmonton

There are a lot of great things to do while you are in Edmonton whether or not you are visiting the city or are a local. Edmonton is a modern city, busy with leisure and business schedules for many. It comes as no surprise that Edmonton is home to North America’s largest shopping mall in West Edmonton Mall, as it has been a very popular tourist destination, but there are also other things to explore in Edmonton.

Art Gallery of Alberta

Formerly known as the Edmonton Art Gallery, the sight and impressive structure of the gallery is an incredible experience. Visitors can discover more than 6,000 pieces of historical art. The inner exploration is at par with the outer beauty, making the Art Gallery of Alberta suitable for any weather.

Distance to Coliseum Inn Hotel: Approximately 12 minutes

Telus World of Science

If you are into the beauty and wonders of the natural world, then the Telus World of Science will not disappoint with its incredible exhibits. Filled with exhibits including robots, the human body, planetarium and the science stage, it is a great place to visit, explore, and have fun.

Distance to Coliseum Inn Hotel: Approximately 16 minutes

Muttart Conservatory

The Muttart Conservatory serves as one of Edmonton’s premier horticultural attractions. With more than 700 species and plants, varying between 3 climate regulated biomes, it is a beautiful site to visit. You can take the kids with you, or you can visit the Conservatory Wednesdays from 5pm-9pm for an adults-only night.

Distance to Coliseum Inn Hotel: Approximately 9 minutes

Northern Lights

One of the most spectacular sights that only a geographic location can offer, gazing at the Northern Lights in Edmonton is one of the best places to experience Mother Nature in Canada. For locations and details for the Northern Lights, using, you can check in advance for real-time monitoring of the geomagnetic activity in the Edmonton area.

Make it a great stay, and enjoy the adventures Edmonton has to offer. The city provides a lot of opportunities to keep memorable events, even during the winter season.

Six Landmarks to Visit in Edmonton

Landmarks to Visit in Edmonton

How To Beat The Winter Blues This January In Edmonton

Now that the holidays are over and the new year has begun, many Canadians try to adjust back to their normal routines. It can be hard to get back to work, school, and find ways to keep yourself entertained during the cold weather season.

For those looking to escape the cold, travel prices in January tend to drop after the holiday surge. This creates an opportunity for families to get away and take an extended vacation or for companies to set up business meetings and fly out their employees to meet clients. In fact, the third Monday of January has been known to be the most ‘depressing’ day of the year. This can happen due to many different factors, some say it is when their credit card statement comes in and other attribute it to the lack of vitamin D from exposure to the sun. Either way, it would be well worth your while to keep active in Edmonton during the month, despite the cold weather.

Staying active and social are some of the best ways to beat the winter blues. If trying something new is on your new year’s resolution, then January is the perfect time to implement it.

Here are some upcoming activities to take part in Edmonton this month:


After a ten year hiatus, you can watch Ballet BC’s return to the city with some of the most celebrated choreographers taking place at the Jubilee Auditorium January 22nd and 23rd.

Burning Man Tour

Dierks Bentley, singer and songwriter, is bringing his Burning Man Tour to Rogers Place, only ten minutes away from the Coliseum Inn hotel, on January 24th.

Harlem Globetrotters

One of the most famous basketballs acts is heading to Edmonton on January 26th at the Rogers Place. Take a trip around the world with this entertaining and humorous skills from the team.

Boardwalk Ice

It may sound cold, but this fantastic display of International Ice Carving Competition, using 96,000 pounds of ice, is it to inspire and entertain. You can catch this at Whyte Ave January 24-27.

Whatever you do, try to enjoy yourself and the company. Stay happy Edmonton.

Why ‘Text Neck’ Is Trending As a Serious Physical Problem

It’s hard to keep yourself entertained while travelling, especially when you have a long journey ahead. Pair this with an awkward sleeping position, and you will wake up with cramps and muscle aches.

The main problem is the repetition of the unnatural position in which we place our bodies. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome does not occur from a single day’s work, but the repetition over time, even in as little as six months depending on the job, allows it to flare up. The issue of text neck does extend well beyond travelling and is a common issue in our everyday routine.

Now, this has been well studied and well established. Text neck, on the other hand, is a newer concept and a more significant issue that most people suffer from, without knowing it. On average, smartphone holders check their phone 86 times per day.

In an upright position, our head weighs approximately 11 pounds. Each degree we tilt our head forward, the weight put on the spine increases by 10 pounds, according to the Physiology of Joints. A survey conducted both in the United States and in Canada shows that text messaging was the most popular use of the phone, hence the birth of the name ‘text neck.’ For personal uses, young adults are in the ‘text neck’ position for at least 4-5 hours a day, while older adults (aged 30+) look at their smartphone for approximately 2 hours and 49 minutes — this number increases for business professionals who use their phone for emails, calls, messages and more.

This habit starts to put pressure on the neck, shoulders and upper back, putting stress on your body leading to pain, tight muscles and knots. Massages can often help to alleviate some of the aches, so even if you’re travelling from out of town, you can always schedule an appointment at a spa near your hotel to help you feel relaxed for your trip. Massage therapy helps your body reset from the contact pressure placed.

Since Apple introduced the first smartphone in 2007, the long-term issues of ‘text neck’ is still being studied. However, all studies thus far have indicated the trend our bodies are headed if we continue to ignore our muscle and posture.

Why Experiences Are The Best Gifts For Relationships & Well-being

With the recent passing of black Friday sales and the upcoming holidays, many people are now opting to choose an experience as a gift, rather than an object. This is a trend that has been studied throughout the years based on the behaviours of millennials. Millennials, aged between 23-36, have increasingly been choosing experience over material objects. This trend in behaviour assisted in studying why people tend to enjoy an experience more.

In a recent study from the University of Toronto, a publication was recently released in the Journal of Consumer Research shedding light on what the best ‘gift’ for the holiday season would be. The results of the study were evident, whether you are looking for a gift for children or adults, the gift of an experience is a better option than a physical object.

The reasoning behind an experience being a better gift was due to the stronger emotions attached and the personal bonds it creates. Experiences such as visiting a spa, having a staycation in a hotel in Edmonton, taking the kids to the Ice Castles, or to attend their favourite show, gives the receiver something to look forward to. Children, in particular, have also shown strong responses to experiences rather than toys.

Also on the rise, is the attention and dedication to health and well-being. Focus on well-being, both mental and physical have seen a significant increase over the years, pushing meditation apps such as Headspace and Calm to the forefront.

One of the most stressful times is the Christmas season. The added pressure of family, travels, finances and more can all contribute high levels of stress. Reducing stress, relaxing and taking care of our bodies are areas that more people have been researching and implementing. Of course, the experience as a gift movement is not limited to only Christmas, but to any occasion throughout the year, including birthdays, anniversaries and for Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Whatever you decide to give, or receive, we hope it’s a good one.

Edmonton Gearing Up For The Busiest Travel Date Of The Year

Edmonton airport is gearing up for the busiest travel day of the year, which is Friday, December 21st. The Friday before Christmas is always the most active travel date of the year. The Edmonton International airport is expecting approximately 25,000 people at its doors for the upcoming holiday season.

In addition to the 25,000 travelers, an additional 50,000 people are expected to either pick up or drop off travelers. So it will be essential to plan if you are among the holiday travelers in Edmonton. A few tips to save some time include checking in online for your flight or paying for parking if needed. This travel season will also be the first travel season since cannabis has been legalized in Canada, which has caused some confusion for travelers as to whether or not they are allowed to travel with it. In fact, it is illegal to carry cannabis across international borders

Carmen Miller, a CBSA border service officer, reminded passengers about travelling with cannabis, stating “You’re not allowed to bring it across an international border unless you have a permit from Health Canada. People have been bringing in CBD oil, you get a lot of capsules, edibles, lotions and stuff like that. What we do, if they declare it, we simply take it away.”

It is always recommended to get to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight for domestic travel and 3 hours before your trip for international destinations. If you are departing Edmonton on the busiest day of the year, you may also want to leave some extra time for commuting to the airport and account for traffic. If you are staying at a hotel in Edmonton, check beforehand the different options for commuting, including schedules, for a better planned visit. For a faster process at the airport, ensure that you have everything you need in an organized and easy to access manner — items such as your passport, a pen, your boarding pass and your wallet and anything you may need handy in a secure and easy to access area.

The hustle and bustle of travelling for Christmas is a tradition for some, and although it may not be easy to travel on the busiest day on the year, it is indeed worth it to spend time with family.

What’s Happening in Edmonton This Christmas Season?

What's Happening in Edmonton This Christmas Season