Best Gift Ideas For The Frequent Canadian Traveller

It seems like as we age, we more become appreciative of receiving socks as a gift, well maybe not always. It can be hard to choose a gift for people on our list, especially to think of something that may be useful.

Fortunately, if you have someone who is a traveller on your list, whether for business or for pleasure, there are great gifts in which to select. For the most part, a traveller’s hotel room is like their second home, so the way to optimize your gift is to focus on the journey, not the destination.

We’ve compiled a list of some useful gift ideas for your frequent travellers:

Noise-cancelling headphones:
  A pair of noise-cancelling headphones is essential for the light sleeper and/or the music lover. Trying to diminish boredom or to relax is difficult when you’re trying to listen without the hustle and bustle of life around you. This leads us to our next point…

Subscription: Audible would be a great gift to give to a frequent traveller, to keep themselves entertained during their travels. However, as Audible in Canada does not offer a gift option just yet, you can opt for a Spotify or Amazon gift card to purchase Amazon Prime. This option provides a video option (like Netflix) and music platform, getting the best of both worlds.

Portable charger: This makes for a great gift, probably one of the best if they don’t have one already. Battery life is perhaps one of the most important factors during travel and drainage can be an issue between long stops with no outlet in sight.

Packing Cubes: Organization while the packaging is crucial, regardless of how long the trip is. Packing cubes keep the essentials together in one cube, helps increase space in the suitcase, and makes it much easier to find items when needed.

Personalized Luggage Tag: A personalized luggage tag adds a hint of sentiment to the gift, and can be great to help identify luggage when trying to pick it out during arrival among a sea of other bags.

Even if your gift recipient is not travelling far and is staying within Edmonton, gifts such as subscriptions and portable chargers can be a great choice for anyone.

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