Ideas For Hosting The Best Office Christmas Party in Edmonton

An office Christmas party is a great way to celebrate with your team while boosting morale. As we inch closer to the holidays, it is an excellent time to plan, book and announce your holiday party to your staff, giving them something to look forward to.  Whether you are looking to shake up your holiday party or are hosting one for your office for the first time, there are plenty of options you have in Edmonton to make it memorable.  The first task on your list is to determine your budget. Some office parties allow for spouses to attend, while others keep it strictly for employees. Once you have anticipated the number of attendees (better to overestimate than underestimate), you can get a better sense as to how you can shape your budget.

Now, depending on the number of employees, you can select a venue that is suitable for your needs and style. For example, you can decide to keep it casual and interactive such as hosting your party at a bowling alley. Here are some examples of venues you can choose

  1. Banquet Hall: Of course, this will depend on the number of employees attending, a banquet hall may be the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. This also gives your team a chance to glam up and psychologically remove themselves from the work environment, allowing for better and casual connections.

  2. Restaurants: Restaurants are also a great option to host an event; however, you do need to keep in mind that it is harder to control expenses. Regardless of whether you are entertaining at a more elegant restaurant, or at a pub, always aim to overestimate the budget.

  3. Comedy Club: A good time out is a night spent laughing. A comedy club, tagged on with dinner, would also make for a great outing. Check out places such as Yuk Yuk’s or The Comic Strip to inquire about their group packages.

  4. Venetian Carnival at the Expo Centre: This is probably one of the best solutions for many businesses in Edmonton to host their office party. The Venetian Carnival is designed as a Multi-Office Christmas party event, which allows any company to join the ‘office Christmas party.’ This option takes away a lot of stress of planning and organizing while giving employees the right office Christmas Party, without the hassle. The party is set for one day only, which is December 8th, starting at 5:30 pm.

Regardless of what you do, acknowledging the holidays with your employees is a great sign of appreciation. Be mindful of food allergies, vegetarian options, and if it is more economical to book a weekday, you may even decide to give your employees the next day off or start work later. 
For Edmonton businesses looking to attend the Venetian Carnival or host a party close to Coliseum Inn, we can also set up bulk rooms for employees to spend the night (paid by employees or employer). For inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out at If your holiday party is held more towards the west end of the city, you can always check places such as Edmonton Ramada Yellowhead to check out their rates and accommodations. Just a reminder that businesses can be held liable, regardless of where they host a party if sufficient options are not given, so ensure your staff has a great and safe night. 

We hope everyone enjoys a safe and fun holiday season ahead!

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