How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

The holidays are about getting together and taking a break from our lives and enjoying the season. However, the holidays also bring disruption to our normal routine, which can sometimes be a good or bad thing. Despite the shift in location, keeping your health a priority is important, regardless of where you travel to. Traveling for the holidays can quickly become tiring both during the commute and during your vacation time. A few of the ample benefits of keeping your health routine on track includes being better able to beat jet lag and keep up with the festivities.

For the workout fanatics, if you’re spending time in Edmonton during this holiday season, going out for a run or an early morning jog may be constraining given the cold weather outside. Instead, opt to choose a hotel with a fitness centre to slide in some time to maintain your workout routine during your stay. Your schedule can become increasingly busy during the holiday season, so a good trick is to squeeze in 20 minutes before your day starts to stick to your routine. Even if it means waking up 20 minutes sooner, you still have an opportunity to take a nap during the day if needed. The benefits of working out extend well beyond the physical benefits, but also to your psychology as well. It is estimated that the brain release endorphins, a feel-good chemical, after 25 minutes of exercise. This can eliminate the feelings of stress and contribute to enjoying your holidays more.

You can also make it a family activity by choosing to explore fun winter activities in Edmonton while keeping the family active. There are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from, ranging from skating, skiing and snowboarding. This offers a great experience and also provides a good workout. On average, people gain about five pounds during the holidays. The holidays are generally not an ideal time to count calories or worry about your weight, but balance will be important. For travelers staying in hotels, it would be beneficial to remain conscious of healthier meals throughout the day to help balance out heavier holiday meals.

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Have a fun, and healthy, holiday this year!