Edmonton Gearing Up For The Busiest Travel Date Of The Year

Edmonton airport is gearing up for the busiest travel day of the year, which is Friday, December 21st. The Friday before Christmas is always the most active travel date of the year. The Edmonton International airport is expecting approximately 25,000 people at its doors for the upcoming holiday season.

In addition to the 25,000 travelers, an additional 50,000 people are expected to either pick up or drop off travelers. So it will be essential to plan if you are among the holiday travelers in Edmonton. A few tips to save some time include checking in online for your flight or paying for parking if needed. This travel season will also be the first travel season since cannabis has been legalized in Canada, which has caused some confusion for travelers as to whether or not they are allowed to travel with it. In fact, it is illegal to carry cannabis across international borders

Carmen Miller, a CBSA border service officer, reminded passengers about travelling with cannabis, stating “You’re not allowed to bring it across an international border unless you have a permit from Health Canada. People have been bringing in CBD oil, you get a lot of capsules, edibles, lotions and stuff like that. What we do, if they declare it, we simply take it away.”

It is always recommended to get to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight for domestic travel and 3 hours before your trip for international destinations. If you are departing Edmonton on the busiest day of the year, you may also want to leave some extra time for commuting to the airport and account for traffic. If you are staying at a hotel in Edmonton, check beforehand the different options for commuting, including schedules, for a better planned visit. For a faster process at the airport, ensure that you have everything you need in an organized and easy to access manner — items such as your passport, a pen, your boarding pass and your wallet and anything you may need handy in a secure and easy to access area.

The hustle and bustle of travelling for Christmas is a tradition for some, and although it may not be easy to travel on the busiest day on the year, it is indeed worth it to spend time with family.

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