Essential Tips For Travelling With Kids This March Break

Every year, children look forward to the adventures and relaxation of March break. Parents also choose this week as a great time to take time off from work and indulge in a family getaway. As stress relieving a vacation can be, travelling to your destination may not always be as relaxing.

If you are travelling this March break or any time with family, here are tips to keep in mind to make your trip relaxing from the beginning.

Take the First Flight Out

Choosing a flight early in the morning not only allows you to enjoy a full day at your destination, but it also reduces the chances of having your trip being delayed. Morning flights are also less crowded, and given the time of day, children will be a little more tired and a little less hyper.

Dress for Destination Temperature

If you’re leaving from a cold destination and are landing in balmier weather, ensure that the kids are dressed for the temperature change. One way to do this is to dress your children in comfortable layers which include opting to choose to clothe without zippers or buttons. The options of a slip-on would also be a better choice instead of laces as it saves time getting through airport security.

Keep Kids Safe on the Flight

Having children sitting near the window is a better choice than seating them on the aisle seats. This helps prevent children from getting hit from passengers walking by, spills from the food cart, or baggage falling from the overhead compartments during off-boarding.

Pack the Essentials

Packing essential items in your carry on bag will help you stay prepared for almost anything on the flight. Although most flights offer drinks and beverages, not all provide the option for food or snacks. Your essential travel kit should include low-sugar snacks. In addition, it’s also recommended to keep the following items in your carry on as well; wipes, pull-ups, headphones, plastic bag for trash, water and an entertainment device.

Organization and timing will significantly help you in getting you off to a good start. Ensure that you keep these tips for your return flight, as well. Whether you’re flying into and staying in Edmonton or are flying out of Edmonton, we hope you have a safe and happy trip.

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