How To Decreasing Your Chances Of Getting On A Delayed or Cancelled Flight

Postponed or delayed flights can be extremely disappointing and also dampen your travel mood. Approximately one in thirty-five flights every year in the U.S. making that a total of 100,000 flights in 2018 to be cancelled. Getting rebooked to another flight doesn’t always guarantee that your flight will not get cancelled. For many, as disappointing as a cancelled flight is, safety will always come first.

When booking your flight in or out of Edmonton, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind to decreases your chances of being on a flight that gets cancelled.

Depart in the Morning

Morning flights have a decreased chance of getting cancelled or delayed compared to flights later on in the day. Almost ⅓ of all delayed flights are due to a maintenance issue, while the remaining ⅔ is due to the weather. As delays being to accumulate throughout the day, a domino effect takes into place increase the chances of your flight gets cancelled or delayed later on in the day. If your flight does get cancelled or postponed in the morning, you still have an opportunity to catch a later flight that day instead of the next day.

Verify on Route Stats

Before you book your flight, you may want to check the performance of the route you are taking. There are many websites dedicated to helping you track these stats, such as FlightStats, which let you see which flights tend to get delayed or cancelled. Certain flights have a better track record than others, so it would be worth it to check out such stats before booking your flight.

Despite your efforts, if your flight is still delayed or cancelled, you can utilize the power of your smartphone to help you get ahead. You can call the airline while you are still waiting in line to get ahead of the crowd who is waiting for assistance to get on the next available flight. You can also use apps such as TripIt to help you rebook, should your airline be available on the app. These apps will help you find alternative flights which you can book right from your phone.

For all our guests and travellers in Edmonton, if your flight is cancelled and you’re looking to stay an extra night due to weather or other issues, Coliseum Inn is located on 30 minutes away from the Edmonton International Airport.

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